Cutting It: In the ATL (WeTV, 2016)

A docu-soap following four headstrong salon owners as they compete to dominate the Atlanta hair game.

Shooting Guns with Ann Coulter (VICE, 2015)

Vice went to a gun range with Ann Coulter to find out about who she really is.

The Prancing Elites Project (Oxygen, 2015)

A docu-drama following a dance troupe of black LGBT men and their struggles in conservative Mobile, Alabama.

Justin Beiber: All Around the World (NBC, 2012)

Two hour-long specials take the viewer behind the scenes of Justin Beiber's 2012 world tour.

90 Day Fiance (TLC, 2014)

Follow four couples who have a special visa that allows them 90 days to decide whether to tie the knot in the U.S.

The Fab Life of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

(VH1, 2014)

Receive a glamorous glimpse into the lavish lifestyle of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, and you'll witness what it's like to live as Hollywood royalty.

Doomsday Preppers (National Geographic, 2014)

This program profiles various survivalists, or "preppers", who are preparing to survive the end of civilization.


FrankenFood (Spike TV, 2014)

Chef Josh Capon and restaurateur Tony Luke Jr. eat their way across the country to find revolutionary creations that mix outrageous ingredients in flavorful ways. 

Lizard Lick Towing (TruTV, 2010-2013)

A humorous docu-drama following repossession agents in rural North Carolina.
Edited 35 x 30 minutes episodes.

Bad Ink (A&E, 2013-2014)

A comical reality show based on a tattoo artist attempting to “cover up” bad tattoos. I worked on two consecutive seasons.

Extreme Cheapstakes (TLC, 2013-2014)

TLC's Extreme Cheapskates documents the lives of frugal people. I worked on two consecutive seasons.

Hard Core Pawn (TruTV, 2012)

Reality program featuring Pawnbroker Les Gold and his two children, Seth and Ashley. The family operates Detroit's largest pawnshop.

All Worked Up (TruTV, 2010)

Reality program following a process server, a meter maid, tow truck operators, and code enforcers.

Edited 13 x 30 minute episodes.

IEEE Spectrum (Web Series)

Science and tech themed videos produced for Spectrum online. These videos are featured on YouTube’s Science Channel.

BobbleCenter (Sports Illustrated Web Series)

A weekly web series for Sports Illustrated Kids. A Bobble Head spoof on Sports Center.